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10 years!

 About ERA          

Our Mission is to Promote and increase environmental consciousness, responsibility and awareness; Provide quality environmental education, outdoor and awareness activities; Increase participation in nature exploration and ecotourism; Protect, conserve and promote the region's natural and cultural heritage, and landscape and biological diversity; Stimulate positive cross-border cooperation with our neighbors; Increase participation of civil society through civic learning opportunities, volunteerism and projects; Initiating and strengthening trans-boundary integrated mountain sustainable development; Improve the livelihoods of local communities.


Where We Work: The southeast European region where ERA works is considered one of the most remote areas in Europe and prioritized by UNEP as a hot spot for biodiversity, especially large carnivores. As a result of its seclusion and unmanaged alpine zones, it has retained high biodiversity in both flora and fauna, and has many cultural and natural resources that are in need of protecting. In addition to the region’s ecological and cultural European value, projects in the region are an important means for promoting peace, stability and free movement, ending cross-border and interethnic tensions, and facilitating integrated sustainable development. The field is also the main site for the variety of environmental education programs we offer.


Our History

ERA in the Beginning (2003-3007)

Over the course of 2008-2009 ERA began to expand rapidly.  During this period the organization has been consistently focused on providing informal environmental education and fostering greater community activism in Peja. 

2008 saw the launch of Green Agenda Green agenda and a series of education programs –organized on behalf of UNDP Hot Spots – that delivered multi ethnic environmental outdoor education to local youth.  ERA also hosted a number of environmental awareness winter programs, bringing groups of children to Rugova to learn about wildlife monitoring, biodiversity, and other specified themes.  In September 2008 ERA participated in its first youth exchange, “Learn and Explore the Balkan Outdoors”. 

In 2009 the momentum continued with ongoing projects like YouthNET and Green Agenda already on the table and new projects launching.  The past few months have been the busiest yet for ERA, with Green Agenda working group meetings January-March, Viking Voyagers Youth Exchange in April, the formalization of YouthNET in Vienna in May, and then EVS, our Pilot Project Cross Border Course on Protected Areas, Struga Youth Exchange, the ERA/Marimangat Rugova Summer Camp, Green Agenda,  and the Hajla Cabin Project filling the summer months. 

ERA’s full-time staff and volunteers work in the field, in nature, with youth and citizens or our community,  with local and central government officials, and with international teams and networks. Our staff provides expertise and consulting in the fields of environmental education, wildlife monitoring, participatory processes, filmmaking and integrated mountain sustainable development. Recently ERA has taken the lead as part of the Coordination Body for a large European youth network – youthNET. ERA also manages an outdoor and environmental network of local organizations and associations working in the Rugova region. In addition a trans-boundary Coalition of civil society organizations (CSOs) was formed by ERA in 2006 to accomplish the common goal of creating a trans-boundary protected area between Kosovo, Montenegro, and Albania - Accursed Mountains (Bjeshket e Nemuna in Albanian and Prokletije in Montenegrin). This project is also referred to internationally as the Balkan Peace Park (BPP) project.

ERA’s regular activities include: youth, school and community year-round environmental education programs; ecotourism and promotion tours/trips; nature exploration and wildlife monitoring; cross-border initiatives; Green Agenda implementation (community driven sustainable development strategy); documentaries and media; advocacy and awareness activities; phased integrated mountain sustainable development; youth and student internships for both locals and internationals; summer youth camps and teambuilding courses; and ecotourism infrastructure, such as trail construction and marking. 

Within the past years ERA has taken significant steps as a local NGO, developing relationships with international networks: hosting European Commission’s Youth in Action program youth exchanges such as “Learn and Explore the Balkans Outdoors” and “Viking Voyagers”; earning accreditation by SALTO SEE Resource Centre for Coordinating, Hosting, and Sending European Voluntary Service (EVS) in EC’s Youth in Action program; and acting as part of the Coordination Body for youthNET – a network of EU, southeastern European and Central, Eastern and Caucasus youth organizations.

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Application Package for ERA's small grants scheme

Guidelines (Albanian)
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Deadline 6 April 2012


Call for Capacity Building Program within Rural Initiatives Granting Scheme

26-28 January 2012
Hotel Dukagjini, Peja


INFO PACKET (Albanian)

APKLIKIMI (Albanian)

Deadline Friday 20 January 2012 


Call for Training Course

EKOsovo - 28-30 October 2011
Hotel Magra, Boge, Rugova


Invitation (Albanian)

Application (Albanian) 

Deadline Wed. 26 October 2011


Call for Youth Exchange

EKOsovo - 8-15 August 2011

Cross-border Kosovo/Montenegro

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Deadline Thursday 4 August 2011


Call for Green Team
group of young volunteers

Download Call and Application
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Application Deadline

29 May 2011


DesignIt! Logo Competition
Sustainable Mountains Education Center 

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Logo Submission Deadline:

29 April 2011


Call for Short-Term Experts

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Interior/Exterior Design Expert

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Deadline to make offers:

Monday 4 April 2011


Part-time Job Opportunity in ERA as part of the EU-funded project "EKOsovo - Development through Biodiversity"

Download PDF for details on job description and how to apply

Application Deadline 11 March 2011


ERA office (Korza @ King's) temporarily closed, as we move to our new space.

Details coming soon!!!

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We are pleased to announce the official launch of a new ERA project to establish a
Sustainable Mountains
Education Center
in Peja!

Our project is funded through a Sida-SNV forestry project.

Details coming soon!!!!


Glocal Europe Kosova

Congratulations to Fiona Beqiri both the Kosova campaign photo contest winner, and international photo contest campaign winner!