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15 years!

Comics for Sustainability

ERA has organized comics drawing workshops for youth since 2010.
The first workshop on Comics - Drawing for Sustainable Development was implemented by ERA in cooperation with its Swedish partner organization Global Action Plan International. During a three-day workshop in Rugova, participants learned about sustainable development, drawing techniques and how to use comics as a tool to promote sustainable development. Now ERA implements this pacage to tackle environmental issues and come up with potential solutions to them for a more sustainable management of natural resources using Comics to tell the story. Why Comics? It doesn’t require language only drawings so it is inter-cultural readable and understandable. Send your hero in his Hero’s Journey, go through trials and quest, with the ultimate goal being: To defeat the monster and save the environment from the monsters wrong doings. It’s a 3 day workshop suitable for a whole class from very young, 1st graders, to experienced artists. Draw, color, ink, and tell your Hero’s Journey. Become the hero to save the environment.

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ERA group wins the 2017 FIDES award for philanthropy in the field of environment


Green Team 2018



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