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 The Green Agenda in the Rugova community of Kosovo is a community driven and participatory method for developing and implementing local sustainable development strategies and plans with active involvement of the different sectors of the local community where the process is conducted. The Rugova community, facilitated by ERA, is one of three pilot communities in Kosovo that are currently implementing the Green Agenda method. This method is also being simultaneously implemented in 5 other western Balkan countries. The method is special, compared to other processes with similar aims, in at least 3 main aspects: the process starts out by identifying local values rather than problems; participation in the process is not limited to experts or certain stakeholder groups but is wide and open to all; and as a result the process and its results are genuinely owned by the local people. The Rugova Green Agenda is divided into four main working groups: Ecological Agriculture, Natural Culture and Heritage, Environmental Protection, and Rural Sustainable Development. ERA is currently working with the UN Habitat to replicate the Green Agenda process in the Kosovo municipality of Junik to protect the natural and cultural values alongside the River Erenik.

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ERA group wins the 2017 FIDES award for philanthropy in the field of environment


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