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10 years!

Mountaineering and Ecotourism


"Take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time,  leave nothing but foot prints."

                              -motto, USA National Speleological Society



Over the past 10 years the seeds of ecotourism have been planted as a result of growing interest on behalf of both local and international stakeholder.  As our region becomes a more popular destination for those looking to explore the natural heritage of Kosova, ERA's effort to raise environmental awareness and promote sustainable development among citizens is in high demand.  Among more visible efforts to make the Rugova region more accessible through projects like The Waterfall Trail and GPS trail marking, the central investment over the past few years has been in environmental education programs - both formal and informal- that spread pertinent knowledge about principles such as 'Pack In Pack Out' and LNT (Leave No Trace).  ERA strives to satisfy the delicate balance between the growth of Ecotourism and the observance of good practices that will ensure the sustainablility of the environment we are exploring. 

ERA provides opportunities to explore the mountains in many ways. For the past years ERA has organized winter hikes, for more avid hikers, traveling to places like Mariash, Guri Kuq, and Jezerca (Albania).  Other projects, including our Rugova Youth Summer Camps, the YouthPROTECT Cross Border Training Course on Protected Areas, and Waterfall Trail Project have provided more leisurely adventures for youth and local citizens.

RedRock/Guri Kuq                          Hajla

Over the past years Fatos Lajqi, Executive Director of ERA group, has spearheaded the movement to invest in the construction of mountain cabins throughout the Rugova region.  Each cabin, planned and designed by Mr. Lajqi, is constructed by joint efforts between friends, family, local citizens, and ERA volunteers. These projects have become the foundation of ERA’s efforts to promote eco-tourism and to renew interest among local citizens in experiencing Kosova’s natural heritage. With these cabins providing reliable accommodation at various point of interest, it is our hope that the Rugova region can become more accessible to those looking to explore the mountains.


ERA Mountain Cabins are currently available at:


               Hajla               Guri Kuq         Lumbardhi II         Bregu

For more information or to reserve a cabin contact ERA group via

email info@eradirect.org or call at +377 (0)44 337 601; +377 (0)44 161 844

New ERA Cabin @ Hajla . . .


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Green Team 2013



Application Package for ERA's small grants scheme

Guidelines (Albanian)
Forms (Albanian)

Deadline 6 April 2012


Call for Capacity Building Program within Rural Initiatives Granting Scheme

26-28 January 2012
Hotel Dukagjini, Peja


INFO PACKET (Albanian)

APKLIKIMI (Albanian)

Deadline Friday 20 January 2012 


Call for Training Course

EKOsovo - 28-30 October 2011
Hotel Magra, Boge, Rugova


Invitation (Albanian)

Application (Albanian) 

Deadline Wed. 26 October 2011


Call for Youth Exchange

EKOsovo - 8-15 August 2011

Cross-border Kosovo/Montenegro

Download Application here

Deadline Thursday 4 August 2011


Call for Green Team
group of young volunteers

Download Call and Application
(in Albanian)

Application Deadline

29 May 2011


DesignIt! Logo Competition
Sustainable Mountains Education Center 

Download Call in
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Logo Submission Deadline:

29 April 2011


Call for Short-Term Experts

Download Terms of References for:

Interior/Exterior Design Expert

Energy Efficiency Expert

Deadline to make offers:

Monday 4 April 2011


Part-time Job Opportunity in ERA as part of the EU-funded project "EKOsovo - Development through Biodiversity"

Download PDF for details on job description and how to apply

Application Deadline 11 March 2011


ERA office (Korza @ King's) temporarily closed, as we move to our new space.

Details coming soon!!!

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We are pleased to announce the official launch of a new ERA project to establish a
Sustainable Mountains
Education Center
in Peja!

Our project is funded through a Sida-SNV forestry project.

Details coming soon!!!!


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