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10 years!

Sustainable Alpine Development in Bjeshkët e Nemuna (2011-2013)

Sustainable Alpine Development in Bjeskët e Nemuna, an initiative funded by Sida-SNV, aims towards sustainable alpine and rural development in the Accursed Mountains (Bjeskët e Nemuna/Prokletije) in Kosovo. This is reached through concrete actions initiated, implemented and supported by local NGOs, schools, local authorities and inhabitants. 


Environmental Education Center

Through the project, ERA established an environmental education center in the cultural monument Haxhi Zeka's mill in Peja. The center opened its doors in 2011, being the first and only of its kind in the region. Haxhi Zeka's mill receives up to 3000 local and international visitors each year. In the center, ERA organizes environmental educational activities to the children and youth with the staff and volunteers. Haxhi Zeka's mill is now one of the only living monuments in Kosovo, and is the focal point for promoting natural and cultural values, and tourism in Peja.


Sustainable Development Initiatives

Another main component of the "Sustainable Alpine Development in Bjeshkët e Nemuna" was to support local (environmental) civil society organizations in and around the Accursed Mountains region, to increase their capacities, to act more professionally, to develop true leadership and have an increased impact - not least in using their democratic rights and opportunities and mobilizing and empowering inhabitants. This was achieved through an extensive Capacity Building program offered to more than 15 CSOs, and a small granting scheme in which ERA awarded 11 small grants to community initiatives totalling 60,000.00 EURO in May 2012. 

The awarded initiatives were:

  •  Wild Walks in Junik mountains (NGOs Gjeravica and Rrase e Zogut)
  •  Raising awareness among youth about preservation and rational usage of forests (Pro Green)
  • Cultivation and observance (respect) of traditional dress and traditions - Rugova's costumes (AFA Rugova)
  • Five Peaks of Rugova (Marimangat e Pejes)
  • Judova Mountains like they used to be! (Alpet Shqiptare)
  • Animals make us human! (Rugova Hunters Association)
  • Empowering private forest owners in Rugova region (Private Forest Owners' Association)
  • Rugova in Motion (Anibar)
  • Nature Exhibition of the Accursed Mountains (Boshtrakaj family initiative)
  • Catalogue for Rugova, Culture, Nature, and Wild Life (Lost Trace)
  • Hidden Treasures of Rugova (Banori i Rugoves)

More information about the Sustainable Development Initiatives and featured success stories can be found in the publication "Taking the Initiative: Sustainable Alpine Development in Bjeshket e Nemuna, Kosovo 2012-2013".

ERA's environmental Education Center in Haxhi Zeka's mill. 

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Application Package for ERA's small grants scheme

Guidelines (Albanian)
Forms (Albanian)

Deadline 6 April 2012


Call for Capacity Building Program within Rural Initiatives Granting Scheme

26-28 January 2012
Hotel Dukagjini, Peja


INFO PACKET (Albanian)

APKLIKIMI (Albanian)

Deadline Friday 20 January 2012 


Call for Training Course

EKOsovo - 28-30 October 2011
Hotel Magra, Boge, Rugova


Invitation (Albanian)

Application (Albanian) 

Deadline Wed. 26 October 2011


Call for Youth Exchange

EKOsovo - 8-15 August 2011

Cross-border Kosovo/Montenegro

Download Application here

Deadline Thursday 4 August 2011


Call for Green Team
group of young volunteers

Download Call and Application
(in Albanian)

Application Deadline

29 May 2011


DesignIt! Logo Competition
Sustainable Mountains Education Center 

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Logo Submission Deadline:

29 April 2011


Call for Short-Term Experts

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Interior/Exterior Design Expert

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Deadline to make offers:

Monday 4 April 2011


Part-time Job Opportunity in ERA as part of the EU-funded project "EKOsovo - Development through Biodiversity"

Download PDF for details on job description and how to apply

Application Deadline 11 March 2011


ERA office (Korza @ King's) temporarily closed, as we move to our new space.

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We are pleased to announce the official launch of a new ERA project to establish a
Sustainable Mountains
Education Center
in Peja!

Our project is funded through a Sida-SNV forestry project.

Details coming soon!!!!


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