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Sustainable Development in Bjeshket e Nemuna

Sustainable development - a term much used for a great variety of activities; a phrase that almost everybody likes and uses, though few are exactly sure of what it means and how to put it into practice. In sustainable development we aim for economic development, combined with environmental care and social awareness. This is by definition a careful balance.

For the Bjeshkët e Nemuna region of West Kosovo it is of utmost importance to develop in a sustainable manner. Just because of the challenging combination of its breathtaking alpine nature and prevalence of endangered wildlife, a dire economic outlook and a patriarchal, conservative rural social structure. Finding the route to sustainable development in this sensitive and remote alpine region is of vital importance to ensure the region’s survival. Sprouting initiatives from local roots, combining economic development with social and environmental progress carries the region forward, and allow it to develop economically while preserving its unique natural environment.

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ERA group wins the 2017 FIDES award for philanthropy in the field of environment



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