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15 years!

Volunteering opportunities in ERA

ERA always tries to include children and youth in her programs, because we believe that it is important to start the change on the behavior as early as possible, and the change and impact will be higher and stronger.
ERA provided her volunteers with a lot of opportunities throughout the years, youth exchanges, study visits on other countries, internships, trainings ect.
We are always open and welcoming to new people that want to be part of our programs, for us the most important thing is to help young people get experience and knowledge that will be a tool for their personal development and that they become the protectors of our environment!

So visit Haxhi Zeka's Mill or visit our Facebook page and look for opportunities of joining us!


Some pictures of ERA volunteers 


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Peja, Kosova            


ERA group wins the 2017 FIDES award for philanthropy in the field of environment


Green Team 2018



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