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YouthPROTECT Peace and Environment

Cross Border Training Course on Protected Areas

"YouthPROTECT Peace and Environment" pilot project took place in Plav, Montenegro and Peja, Kosovo in June 2009. the program was a week long, cross border training program in protected areas. The main themes of the course were:
environmental sustainability,
* integration/inclusion, 
* active citizenship.

Environmental sustainability as a theme focused on demonstrating how protecting nature in an inhabited, or somehow “cultivated” area, means finding a way of using nature’s resources, while at the same time sustainably managing the area for future needs.  The portion of the program on integration/inclusion highlighted the reasons why working with all stakeholders involved is essential in the process of sustainable development and nature protection.  This includes the need for considering, including, and respecting the economic aspects (the well-being of the local population) and cultural aspects of the local population.  The training sessions that involved active citizenship showed that protecting nature is not an issue for politicians only!  In fact, as citizens we massively have to advocate for environmental protection against short-term interests and conventional economic development.  It is hereby especially in the interest of young people to be active in order to preserve a healthy, beautiful, and sound environment and nature.

While the themes of environmental sustainability, integration/inclusion, and active citizenship are themselves important and neccessary, they are also inherent in the process of protecting areas. Over the course of the week, it was really the idea of protected areas that acted as a thread linking the different sessions.  The 27 participants, representing 10 countries in all (Germany, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, America, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Kosova, and Italy), each brought a great deal of knowledge about environmental issues, both the problems and the solutions, in their own countries.  The structured sessions included the enviornmmental mapping of each country, an interactive introduction to levels of environmental protection, presentations of individual or group experiences by the participants, instruction on effective project development, the dynamics of lobbying, and various other topics related to the projects main themes. These sessions were complimented by many activities that provided the opportunity for participants to learn through personal interactions and through shared experience. 

One of the projects highlights was the cross border hike from the HRID Eco Village, located outside of Plav, Montenegro.  The group camped for a night in Bogice before continuing on to Decan, Kosovo, which is the site of the largest and most well preserved Serbian Orthodox Monastery in the former Yugoslavia.  This part of the program enabled participants to experience, first hand, many of the environmental issues affecting Sout East Europe, and to learn about how the implementation of protected areas in this region would have a positive impact.  The final days of training, which took place in Kosovo, brought participants together with other key stakeholders, including government officals, representatives from the municipality, and the national coordinators for the Green Agenda process in Kosovo and Rugova. 

The "YouthPROTECT Peace and Environment" pilot project took a dynamic approach to educating youth about the environment.  Particants came away with both general knowledge and a a deeper understanding of the complexity of protected areas. This training stressed the need for young people to be active in the process of nature protection at the local level.  It also provided the tools needed to become engaged in the development and implementation of options for sustainable nature protection in Europe.  In the end, underlying this experience and all knowledge gained, are the connections made and relationships that will present the opportunities for cross border and regional cooperation in the future.

Check out the links below for pictures and an article/interview written by some of our participants post project.

                 Article                                              Some Additional Pictures

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